Friday, May 31, 2013

Free Download Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

The Beast Within is the second installment of the trilogy presenting the dark adventures of Gabriel “Schattenj√§ger” Knight. This time the protagonist is on the trail of a strange wolf, murderer of a little girl. Gabriel was asked to take care of this evil and suspects that this case is paranormal in nature. Together with his assistant, Grace Nakimura, he discovers the dark truth behind the history of Bavaria.

A fully cinematic adventure game that lets you play both Gabriel Knight and Grace Nakimura Discover the truth about the death of King Ludwig II and uncover the mystery of Wagner’s lost opera Explore actual locations in Germany captured in 1000 beautiful, high-res images

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within_2

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within_3